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Paintings In Gallery

Commissioned work

Painting according to your preferences

Get in touch if you want to order a painting. The largest painting I can make is 1m * 5m and the smallest you will find suggestions for among the cards I sell on the website. Alcohol ink is liquid and I use a hair dryer together with a brush to shape the paintings. All images are therefore unique. When I receive an order, it's nice to know what expression you are looking for, what techniques, colors and designs you have liked in some of my previously painted pictures. If you scroll down a little on the front page, you get direct access to many of the paintings I have made, and which now hang in different homes and office premises around Norway.

From prices for commissioned works:

A4: 1200, -

A3: 1600, -

A2: 2300, -

50 * 70: 2700, -

A1: 3200, -

Get in touch for a nice art chat, and together we will come to a starting point for a beautiful and unique picture that fits in your home.

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